TWIN WIN Games LLC — Game Development and Product Service Studio. At Twin Win Games, we are not just a game development studio; we are architects of virtual worlds. Our journey, led by visionary twin sisters with over 25 years of combined experience, is fueled by a passion for creating unforgettable gaming experiences.
4 червня 2024

Key Account Manager


Twin Win Games seeks a highly skilled and experienced Key Account Manager to work on gaming projects (casinos and casual games).

The ideal candidate is someone who enjoys playing online games and has a working knowledge of online, and mobile games.

Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, with a global client footprint spanning North America and Europe.
Twin Win Games LLC is a professional development studio specializing in producing high-quality games and entertainment apps of varying complexity and design requirements across different platforms and markets.

Our team size is 100 and growing.

Passionate about games, hardware, and technology platforms.
Our team constantly seeks ways to increase the quality and efficiency of their work to achieve the highest customer satisfaction possible.

We are looking for a person with the following experience and knowledge:
-Proven work experience as an Account Manager, Key Account Manager, Business Development Manager;
-C1/C2 according to IELTS / TOEFL Certification;
-Solid experience with CRM software (HubSpot) is a plus as well as MS Office (particularly MS Excel);
-Solid Experience with Financial Forecasting;
-Ability to generate and deliver client-focused solutions according to identified customer needs, with a track record of successful project management and technical solution delivery.
-Proven ability to coordinate multiple account management projects at a time, while maintaining sharp attention to detail and meeting deadlines.
-Excellent listening, negotiation, and presentation skills, with strong verbal and written communication skills.
— BA/BS degree in Business Administration, Sales, Management, or relevant spheres.

The main responsibilities will include:
— Lead Point of Contact. Act as the primary point of contact to provide and satisfy all customers’ business requests: addressing inquiries, concerns, and requests promptly and effectively.

— Customers Revenue, Growth and Development: Set and ensure a multilevel strategy to increase the revenue generated by customers. +15% growth annually minimum.

— Client Relationship Management: Build and nurture strong, long-lasting client relationships by understanding their needs, objectives, and challenges, and providing tailored solutions to meet them.

— Upsell Strategy Development: Develop and Implement Upsell Strategy aimed at maximizing upsell opportunities within the customer base.

— Agreements / Estimation: Present, Negotiate, and Finalize agreements and estimations with/to clients to maximize the company’s profitability.

— Payments Plan Developing and Controlling: Develop comprehensive payment plans that outline the schedule, terms, and conditions for payments to be made by customers; Implement strategy and procedures to manage payments effectively, minimize risks, and prevent delays.

— Solution Delivery: Ensure the timely and successful delivery of the provided services according to agreements, coordinating with PM and Production teams to meet project timelines and deliverables.

— Project Progress Communication: Clearly communicate the progress of monthly/quarterly initiatives internally and externally, providing regular updates on project status, milestones achieved, and any challenges encountered.

— Account Metrics Tracking: Forecast and track key account metrics, such as quarterly sales results and annual forecasts, to measure performance, identify areas for improvement, and drive strategic decision-making.

— Reporting including Financial Forecasting: Prepare and deliver reports on account status, including sales performance, customer feedback, and upcoming opportunities, to senior management and other relevant stakeholders.

— Collaboration: Collaborate with the sales team to identify and grow opportunities within the assigned customers, gathering insights from client interactions and market trends to drive revenue growth.

— Work in CRM Hubspot.

When you join Twin Win Games, you can expect the following perks and benefits:
— Flat rate + %
— Flexible working hours and workplace, enabling our team members to achieve a healthy work-life balance.
— Paid vacation of 20 workdays per year; 5 workdays of sick leave per year.
— Unlimited day-offs for personal matters (unpaid).
— Paid benefits of choice, designed to meet the unique needs of each employee.
— A personal development plan (English speaking club, skills training, and access to our Education office — an education hub with internal and external experts and mentorship programs.)
— Structured processes and tools — corporate Confluence, to ensure effective communication and collaboration within the company.
— An open-minded management style that fosters transparency and constant sharing of company strategy and plans.
— Performance-based reviews that recognize and reward the contributions of our team members.
— Stress management measures, including 1-1 meetings, transparent communication, and feedback culture.
— Corporate team-building events, marathons, and online challenges that promote teamwork and healthy competition.
— Family-friendly environment, where we celebrate important personal milestones, such as the birth of a child or wedding, with congratulatory gifts.

We believe that these benefits and opportunities contribute to our employees’ overall well-being and satisfaction, and are committed to providing a supportive and rewarding work environment.