Turbo Rocket Games є амбасадором царства тварин у діджитал просторі. Компанія допомагає людям бути ближче до тварин, роблячі найкращі ігри про них. Також ми робимо свій внесок у суспільство, допомогу тваринам та навколишньому середовищу. Як ми працюємо: Ми робимо все можливе щоб залучити найкращих спеціалістів до роботи у нашій команді.
30 червня 2023

Project Manager with technical skills (вакансія неактивна)


Who we are
At Turbo Rocket Games we aspire to make great games that bring people together while discovering and admiring nature.
We work in small teams to build successful products, such as WildCraft — the number one downloaded mobile animal simulator.
There are many opportunities for you to have a significant impact on the products we’ll be making as well as the overall direction of the company.


  • Extensive knowledge of the project management pipeline in mobile games development.
  • Experience working with teams of 10 and more game dev specialists (2D artists, 3D artists, game designers, developers, and support).
  • At least basic knowledge of technology stack.
  • Upper intermediate English and desire to develop this skill.
  • Passion for creating games and extensive gaming experience.

About the role (day-to-day responsibilities)

  • Do market research.
  • Create a roadmap and control the completion of the tasks according to deadlines.
  • Do content review from concepts to final models.
  • Import and setup new content in ShiVa Engine.
  • Risk management, ability to brainstorm, and provide effective decisions.
  • International team management, motivation, and hiring.

Would be a plus

  • Experience with any 3D game engine.
  • Experience with mobile simulation games.
  • Basic knowledge of Photoshop.

Why join us
Become a part of the great team that drives the development of games about animals. Make your contribution to the number one game (by downloads) about the animal kingdom. Have a social impact in helping and supporting shelters, zoos, and environmental projects.

We offer:

  • Meaningful projects where your professional opinion and expertise will have a key influence.
  • Full freedom in actions and decision making while the Company will provide you with the processes and tools needed.
  • Full and true freedom of time for work. This could be anytime, really ;)
  • You are free to choose the place of work.
  • The team that works with pleasure and truly values communication, openness and transparency, mutual respect.
  • Benefits package

Our team’s core Values:

Meaningfulness: We seek to find meaning in what we do and how we do it.
Freedom: We seek to minimize limiting factors for our team members.
Growth: We seek to live our lives to our full potential by getting better over time.
Open-mindedness: We are open to a wide variety of ideas and have a strong desire to learn something new.
Creativity: We value the ability to create something new by turning imaginative ideas into reality.
Empathy: We value the ability to recognize and understand the feelings of another person or animal.
Honesty: We seek to be truthful, sincere, and free of deceit.