Stan’s Assets from KAPPS is an outsourcing team focused on Games, VR, 3D, SDK, and Unity packages. We ease developers’ time and effort to help them create the best digital products they’re dreaming of! We have worked inside the teams of our major clients as the outsourcing for specific development tasks.
29 травня 2023

Technical Artist (вакансія неактивна)


As a technical artist it will be your task to work alongside our development team and liaise with outsourced art and animation to integrate high quality animations and 3d assets with our Unity projects.
You should be well versed in Unity, with an in-depth knowledge of asset pipelines.
We are looking for someone with a passion for XR and an eye for quality.

Responsibilities and Duties
Implementing art/3d assets to the highest standard.
Ensuring the most appropriate shaders are used at all times.
Lighting our environments and content to a high standard and optimised for XR platforms via a mixture of real-time and baked lighting.
Implementing animations brought in from external providers.
Working with artists to integrate new XR content and UX.
Aid in the design progress. Make your voice heard as we design and develop new features and products.
Work alongside programmers to integrate art assets with the rest of the app, e.g. helping to wire up animation controllers.

— experience with Unity Asset Database v2;
— experience with Unity Universal Render Pipeline;
— experience with Unity ShaderGraph;
— experience with 2D Sprite Workflows in Unity (2D Animation package);
— experience with 3D Workflows.