Stan’s Assets from KAPPS is an outsourcing team focused on Games, VR, 3D, SDK, and Unity packages. We ease developers’ time and effort to help them create the best digital products they’re dreaming of! We have worked inside the teams of our major clients as the outsourcing for specific development tasks.
18 січня 2023

Unity Technical Lead


Stan’s Assets is a progressive developers team. We are on the stage of active growth, so we are constantly enlarging our team. We are looking for a Unity Technical Lead.

Who are we and what are we doing?

We have been making Games, VR /AR applications, and assets for more than 9 years already. Our projects are made with Unity C#, but sometimes they can be native applications for iOS (Swift) or Android (Kotlin). Our team consists exclusively of highly qualified specialists. Working on AAA projects. Top chart Asset Store publisher since 2013.

What will you be working on?

We are looking for a Unity Technical Lead to join our family of professionals of middle/senior levels. You will report to our founders each of whom has developer and leadership experience and you will manage our people, projects, and processes.

Tech Stack:

  • VR/AR
  • Mobile
  • Network (REST API, Photon, Mirror, etc)
  • Substantial UI experience (runtime + editor)
  • Unity DOTS Stack (other ECS solutions)
  • Third Party Services integration (Firebase, Facebook, CDN, analytics, etc)
  • Solid experience in CPU/GPU/Memory profiling/optimization

What professional skills do we need?

  • NET/C# fundamental knowledge
  • Deep understanding of Unity API
  • Technical Project Management (estimation, consulting, review, tech conventions setup/maintenance, etc)
  • Project Architecture Experience (UML diagram. documentation, knowledge base, etc)
  • Upper-Intermediate English

What do we offer:

Do you have probation and how long is it? Yes, 3 months.

What is the work schedule? Flexible working hours. Saturday, Sunday, and state holidays are days off.

Do you have overtime? We are for work-life balance. Overtime happens rarely, but if there is such a necessity, we pay an extra rate (x1.5). Extra hours usually agreed with the lead beforehand.

Is there an opportunity for distant work? The job is totally remote.

When and how is the salary paid? You will get your salary in your bank account by 10th proximo.

The process of choice:

  1. Pre-screening.
  2. Technical interview
  3. Job offer.