Ми — Belka Games, компанія-розробник мобільних ігор з HQ в Лімасолі. Ми входимо до топ-20 grossing company in EU за версією data.ai, і все це завдяки команді крутих професіоналів. А тепер декілька фактів: — ми випустили на міжнародний ринок три проекти: Clockmaker, Solitaire Cruise і Bermuda Adventures.
6 березня 2023

Senior Unity Developer

Київ, Вільнюс (Литва), Лімасол (Кіпр), віддалено

We are currently looking for experienced Unity Developers to work on our flagship projects plus develop new ones.
We are the team of professionals who have extensive experience in the game industry, and we will work together to create high-quality and successful products.
Our ideal candidate is a professional developer who is passionate about games and wants to create hits.


Developing the client side of mobile projects on Unity:

  • Developing business logic.
  • Developing core mechanics.
  • Creating game interfaces.
  • Working with graphics and downloadable content.
  • Integrating third-party services for social interaction, tables, analytics, etc..
  • Developing an editorial toolkit.
  • Profiling and optimizing of code and graphics.


  • Good knowledge of C# 7.0+.
  • Proficiency in API and Unity 2020+ tools.
  • 3+ years of experience in unity development for mobile platforms.
  • Experience in team development and working with version control systems.

Would be nice:

  • Experience in releasing projects, pre-release preparation, updates, AB testing, analytics.
  • Experience working with Addressables, UniTask, Zenject, Odin Inspector.
  • Experience writing shaders.

Why we’re cool:

  • Flexible work format. You can go to the office in Vilnius or Limassol, or work remotely. The main thing is to be online during working hours.
  • European employment. We’ve got jobs in Poland, Lithuania, Georgia, Montenegro, and Cyprus. You can choose whichever location best suits you.
  • Development. We offer English classes with a teacher, pay for professional conference trips, and partially compensate for training.
  • Flexibility. Sometimes you want something new. We get it—we’ll support you if you want to change positions, responsibilities, or projects.
  • Collaborative solutions. Each team member’s skills are important, so we listen to and hear each other.
  • Data reliance. We take everyone’s opinions into account, but all product decisions are based on metrics, which means no subjectivity.
  • And the usual — official employment, voluntary medical insurance, compensation for sports.